Aiming for a better tomorrow



A election campaign meeting jointly has been arranged by CTD and WBTC at CTO hall opposite Telephone Bhawan kolkata on 11/09/2019. All the members of SNATTA and NFTE attained the meeting.Participants of the meeting are made aware to the present condition of BSNL and what we can expect the condition in coming tomorrow. Also it is elaborately explained our role for better tomorrow.

GS/SNATTA Shri suresh kumar make clear about the stand of SNATTA CHQ to support NFTE with all details explanation and majority of circles opinion regarding membership verification. In his vibrant speech all the present situation is elaborately explained and told that SNATTA have believe to put the effort unitedly with NFTE for survival , revival, and existance of BSNL as well as the job security of employees. Shri C singh , GS/ NFTE addressed the house and gave the assurance for all the issues related to JEs cadre will be taken in priority basis. He explained about the attitude of govt. as all the revival plans are planning behind the door.we welcome all the steps for revival but there should not be any hidden proposal that may be dangerous for the employees and we will never compromise any steps that will directly affect the future of staffs and our services.

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Aiming for a better tomorrow

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#BSNLOfficers of Sangli District in Maharashtra State perfomed duties as a #FLW with the help of NDRF Boat to attend office/safeguard equipments and to quickly restore services for esteemed customers @CMDBSNL @BSNLCorporate

महाकाव्य महाभारत और पुराणों के लेखक वेद व्यास की जयंती पर #गुरुपूर्णिमा की शुभकामनाएं। #बीएसएनएल #Gurupurnima #gurupooja #Unite2FightCorona #GuruPurnima2021

Visited BSNL headquarter.
A detailed deliberation was held with executives & staff representatives.
They were explained the vision of Hon'ble PM's vision for the sector & expectation from BSNL
Modi Government has provided historical revival package to BSNL & MTNL


My ❤️ is full of Happiness after learning about Real Heros of @BSNLCorporate‼️
Thanks to @cgmbsnlkerala for motivation.
@Naman_BKN @abhi_535 @fm1ngp @idesibanda @aad_vijay @Akhi4u121 @sneachq @aigetoachq @aiteea_India @SNATTACHQ @AIBSNLEA @AbhimanyuP5 @islambsnl @pratap_shahu

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