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teleconference meeting with snatta kerala circle held on 18/08/2020


Teleconference meeting of SNATTA KERALA Circle was held in the presence of General Secretary, Suresh Kumar . AGS, Abhisek Rana and VP, Harikrishnan AM also participated the meeting from SNATTA CHQ. From SNATTA KERALA, CC ,Don A Alexander and Circle Treasurer, Sanal Chandran presented the report on activities of Circle and put up their views for the further activities and enthusiastic support towards CHQ for the betterment of JEs cadre. A healthy discussion took place about the issues taken up by the CHQ and GS explained elaborately about the functioning of the CHQ.

Followings are the key points of discussion

  1. NEPP must be immediately changed to 4 years for first up-gradation to get the privileges of non executive cadre. SNATTA CHQ will pressurize corporate office for immediate action and as a last resort may initiate legal action for the same.SNATTA KERALA proposed to take the full study about the NEPP policy of MTNL before moving towards legal step, as merger of MTNL with BSNL is in progress.
  2. SNATTA CHQ ensured that all the efforts with actual persuasion is going on to initiate the JTO(T) LICE process for VY 2018-19 and VY 2019-20 in the present year.
  3. SNATTA CHQ is going to highlighted the demand of E1 scale for JEs cadre. on implementation of CPSU hierarchy , the JTO scale will be upgraded to E2 , on this behalf the JE scale must be upgraded to E1. SNATTA KERALA welcomed the proposal and also suggested to identify the parallel cadre in MTNL.
  4. SNATTA CHQ pointed out that no funds were received from Kerala Circle since the AIC so it has requested for urgent fund collection from all circles before 31st August 2020. SNATTA KERALA has agreed to collect the fund at the present juncture when lots of HR policy changes are anticipated , SNATTA now has the voice to raise our genuine demands.

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By Suresh Kumar
Aiming for a better tomorrow

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Visited BSNL headquarter.
A detailed deliberation was held with executives & staff representatives.
They were explained the vision of Hon'ble PM's vision for the sector & expectation from BSNL
Modi Government has provided historical revival package to BSNL & MTNL


My ❤️ is full of Happiness after learning about Real Heros of @BSNLCorporate‼️
Thanks to @cgmbsnlkerala for motivation.
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