Aiming for a better tomorrow

SNATTA CHQ TEAM met with Director (CM)


SNATTA CHQ met Director(CM) as he was in-charge DIR(HR) till new appointment. He assured us that career progression is our right and both JTO LICE result declaration and BSNL revival will be done in very short span of time. But DIR(CM) have raised very serious concern of ineffectiveness of employees in such a tragic time. He was very much upset with stance of employees in this tough time. He told us to focus only on solutions which are in our hands rather than worrying and wasting time on hypothetical issues. He was highly concerned about current SIM selling and mobile segment marketing as many circles are performing below average.

In today’s data centric scenario, we must have to bolster our marketing in mobile segment to ameliorate our situation. We must have to improve our skill, our expertise, our efficiency, our attitude, our readiness, our competency to become a major of shareholder of mobile segment. Even DR(CM) told us to suggest more customer centric and customized plans, so we can reach to every need of customers.

SNATTACHQ urging all employee of BSNL to sell at least 10 SIMs per day to improve our market share and for revival of BSNL because SIM selling is definitely in our hands.

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Aiming for a better tomorrow

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