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*Minutes of vc Meeting held on 17/01/2021*


Video Conference (via Google meet) of SNATTA CHQ was held on 17/1/2021. Meeting was chaired by Suresh Kumarji GS SNATTA, attended by Deepak Sharma DGS SNATTA and other members of SNATTA CHQ.

Agenda points:

1) Briefing of AUAB meet held on 16/1/2021.

Deepak Sharma ji DGS SNATTA , who attended the AUAB meeting, briefed to CHQ regarding the discussion in the meeting. Both BSNLEU and NFTE decided to withdraw their objection regarding nomination of NCM member.

Deepak ji also briefed regarding online meet between BSNLEU and DIR(HR). Dir (HR) assured BSNLEU that restructuring will be finalized before 31 Jan 2021 and JTO LICE calendar will be published after the restructuring. BSNLEU is going to take next meeting with DIR (HR) in 1st week of February. Dipak Sharma will accompany BSNLEU delegates for meeting with DIR (HR).

Next AUAB meet will be arranged in last week of January. Deepak Sharma will attend the meeting on behalf of  SNATTA.

                         2) Future Strategy regarding JTO LICE.

Suresh Kumar ji briefed CHQ regarding current situation of promotional exam in BSNL. Management is deliberately creating roadblocks in the name of restructuring. Suresh ji also gives detailed reports of his discussion with other AUAB leaders regarding JTO LICE. Online meet will be arranged with Shri. Saurabh Tyagi, Sr.GM (estt)   and Mrs. Samita Luthra, GM (Rectt) regarding JTO LICE and restructuring in last week of January. Suresh kumar ji will lead a delegation to meet Dir(HR) in third/Forth week of February(depending on appointment of Dir HR) to discuss issues related to JTO LICE and restructuring BSNL.

                         3) Finalization of Date for Online CEC of SNATTA.

After discussion among the present members of CHQ in the meet, Suresh Kumar ji finalize date for CEC of SNATTA . CEC will be held on 7th February 2021. Notice regarding will be published with in 2-3 days.

                         4) Fund collection status of SNATTA.

Pratik Akre, Treasurer CHQ, briefed about the fund status in CHQ account and also expressed his inability to sanction any travelling bill for any member of CHQ. Due to fund insufficiency, CHQ is not able to plan visits to Corporate Office, Delhi. Also many plan regarding NEPP and JTO LICE are not executed due to fund insufficiency. CHQ treasurer suggest teleconference with Circle Secretaries regarding fund collection.

Suresh Kumarji instructed CHQ Treasurer to arrange a call with all CS on 24th January at 3.30pm, Suresh Kumarji and Deepak Sharma ji will be joining the call with CHQ Treasurer and CS of different Circle. Notice regarding will be published within 2-3 days.

Meeting was concluded by Shri Suresh Kumarji at 5.15pm. 

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By Suresh Kumar
Aiming for a better tomorrow

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Current Situation of BSNL👇

JE , JTO , SDO(SDE), DE(AGM) - Perform or Perish.

And Rest All Neither perform nor Perish cuz Rest all are having PERISH Power and they are not responsible for BSNL losses.

we,junior Engineers,plays very important key role in base level work of BSNL.we face Huge discrimination in BSNL even Hardworking.
Our promotion's vacancies deliberately manipulated.
Our Future will dark in BSNL


What is the fault of JE of those Circle where promotional vacancy is NIL or very less???
Don't ruin our career in name of restructuring......

Any employee joins company with the dream of proper career growth & rightful retirement benefits,but why always BSNL JE's are denied of both career and fianacial benefit ? Why this injustice with us ?
@BSNLCorporate @AshwiniVaishnaw

We urge @PMOIndia @CMDBSNL @arvind9963 @DoT_India @AshwiniVaishnaw to solve the Long pending issue of PUNJAB JTO LICE . JEs of Punjab waiting for their promotion since more than 6 years.

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