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**Minutes of Meeting held on 27/12/2021


The Google meet called by SNATTA CHQ was held under the Chairmanship of Shri. Puneet Mittal (President SNATTA) at 6pm on 27/12/2021.

Present  Members:

     1) Suresh Kumar, GS SNATTA

     2) Deepak Sharma, DGS SNATTA

     3) Pratik Akre, Treasurer SNATTA

     4) Abhishek Rana, AGS SNATTA

     5) Sarvjit Singh, CS Punjab SNATTA

     6) Ashish Tiwari, CS Gujrat SNATTA     

     7) Rohit Azad, CS Rajasthan SNATTA

     8) Himanshu Jha, CS WB SNATTA

     9) Vins Kumar Singh, CS UPE SNATTA

     10) TarunPrakash Sethi, CS Odisha SNATTA

Agenda Points:

  1. Progress of Post Card Demonstration:

Circle Secretaries of different Circles has given brief idea regarding progress of Post Card Demonstration. Circle Secretaries gave SSA/BA wise Data regarding ongoing Post Card Demonstration.

Shri. Suresh Kumar (GS SNATTA) has given instruction to pay special attention to NE1, NE2, Assam, Bihar, Karnataka, Chennai TD, Tamilnadu, Chhattisgarh, Uttarakhand and MP.

GS also nominate following members to coordinate with respective Circle.

Deepak Sharma            – Chhattisgarh

Pratik Akre                   – Madhya Pradesh

Abhishek Rana             – Karnatkta, Chennai Telephones

Priyranjan Kumar         – Bihar, Tamilnadu

Himanshu Shekher Jha – NE1, NE2

Vins kumar Singh          – Uttarakhand

Puspraj                           – Uttarakhand

In general a very good response from remaining circle is observed from other Circle. Also Circle Secretaries were instructed to update Google sheet regarding the Post Card Demonstration. All CS and Coordinator must ensure 100% participation from respective circles by 31/12/2021.

      2) Upcoming Activities: 

Shri. Sarvajit Singh (CS, Punjab SNATTA) suggested at Circle and BA/SSA, Circle and District bodies throughout the country must meet with respective Unit heads to give best wishes for New Year. GS also approved the suggestion and instruct coordinators to plan this activity. Guidelines regarding this activity will be published in 2-3 days.

      3) CEC Date Finalization:

Suggestions regarding Online/Offline CEC were given by CS. Date will be decided after consultation with all CS and CHQ members.

      4) Formation of PRC, JTO LICE and Coordination Committee:

General Secretary has informed present members regarding formation of PRC, JTO LICE and Coordination Committee and every committee comprise of 5 members including head of committee. General Secretary instructs CS to give nomination from respective circles. It is also instructed to all CS to 2-3 nomination from each circle which must includes members from all recruitment years. All CS ensured that nomination will be given by  02/01/2022.

      5) Fund Collection:

Treasurer Shri. Pratik Akre gave details regarding the current situation of CHQ fund and proposes to collect a minimum amount from each member.  The collection should be done by circle secretaries and transfer the amount to CHQ account by keeping some amount for circle expenditure. GS asked suggestion regarding this proposal from Circle Secretaries and details discussion will happen in the next meeting. At the same time it is informed to the Circle which didn’t contribute till date (Kerala, Odisha, UPE, UPW, Assam) to contribute the minimum amount Rs 6000/- as it was decided in the last CEC meeting.

President Shri. Puneet Mittal suggested for automatic deduction from salary of members on which GS informed the members that CHQ is looking into this suggestion at CTD on pilot basis.

Adjournment :

 President Shri. Puneet Mittal thanks everyone for attending the  Google Meet and General Secretary informed the members regarding next meet on 9/1/2022 and instruct Treasurer to coordinate the next meeting. GS also instruct Circle Secretaries to widely publicize the minutes for this meeting. GS also instruct Shri. Abhishek Rana(AGS SNATTA)  to publish the minutes on CHQ website

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By Suresh Kumar
Aiming for a better tomorrow

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