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Today a meeting was held with Sr.GM/HR&Admin/CTD and with CGM/CTD.The delegation was lead by CS/SNATTA/CTD Sri RAVI Raj Discussion regarding JTO LICE, NEPP policy matter and other matters are done in view of the VRS situation.

1.CGM/CTD is agreed about our legitimate demand of NEPP policy and assure that in HOC meeting it will be raise.

2.We have raised our concern about recent developments regarding intension of management of assignment of SAP Authorization and Responsibilities as JTO in JTO look after manner to the JE cadre.
We have strongly protested against the order in which JEs are assigned as Nodal officer and asked to nullify this kind of steps which will affect our career growth to be promoted to executive cadre i.e. JTO.

CGM/CTD is dead against about our concern and supportive to the order.

It is very much clear that CTD management is trying to use JE cadre in place of JTO cadre with nill monetary benefits.
If the charge of JTO is assigned to JEs then requirement of JTOs will not be there.And it is very much alarming for JEs to be promoted to JTO with all the respect and benefits of executive cadre.

In view of the development,it is requested to all the members to be united as the attitude of management regarding our career growth is under stress.

Again we are meeting with CGM/CTD tomorrow regarding Development of BSNL and will raise our protest again.

Be united for the better future ahead.

JE unity jindabaad,SNATTA jindabaad.

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Aiming for a better tomorrow

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