Aiming for a better tomorrow



An appeal to the JEs….A high time to feel the essence,significance and its value with the time

We are here to put the demand to the management not to beg
Guys , dont u feel that u are the most worthy cadre of bsnl?
Is it possible to avoid us in any sort of circumstances?
Its simply not .
We , the JE are most responsible cadre who toiled the most for the benefit on BSNL overlooking owns’.
But its very unfortunate that management has been eluding to nurture the benifit of our cadre.
Is it a sort of justice ??
Where are the LICE continuation?_
What for the NEPP and EPP demarcation_ ?*
What for the baseless deprivement since 2nd PRC? which also leads no compromisation for PRC except a handsome fitment. What for the dispararity between exe and non exe…?? what for the JTO to SDE got promoted in post vrs time with pre vrs vacancy then why not the same with us?? What for the vacancy calculation is based on the post VRS base with the pre VRS eligible cadre?? Just ask ☝️ urself??_ Are u here for a beggersome treatment against the handsome hardwork??__
If not..then get united…its the time for do or die….

Its noteworthy to mention that the time has come to raise the demands against the odds just to get our neglected rights back. Hence we need your voice to done the trick.
what we need is a voice of enenrgy ,a voice of demand and above all a voice of execution of unity.
Do energize yourself with a fighting attitude to recollect all of our JEs in respective Circles by accumulating them and getting ready for the utmost fight !!!!!!

So its high time for the circle secretaries to immediately form a Circle body of SNATTA where it is not being rearranged after our seniors left behind as We need to reach the nook and corner of bsnl .
& to the rest of the circles …just get energise to the fullest

just get united circle wise for a unity in CHQ as DROP BY DROP MAKES AN OCEAN. ..

We dont have much the circle secretaries, just be planned and prepare to get ready for the fight.
tie the knot..put the peddel up & thrust with a force 👊✊ for generous feedback of victory✌️✌️*
Lets united to make a synonym Of JE i.e SNATTA.

Thank you
Suresh kumar

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By Suresh Kumar
Aiming for a better tomorrow

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