Aiming for a better tomorrow

Meeting with Hon’ble Minister of Communication Sh. Ravi Shankar Prasad.


Dear Members,

Today at 1500 hrs a meeting with Hon’ble Minister of Communication Sh. Ravi Shankar Prasad was convened at Sanchar Bhawan, New Delhi. Our GS SNATTA Mr. Suresh Kumar was present on that Occasion. The Hon’ble Minister emphasized, –

  1. BSNL has strategic importance and It has to be revived.
  2. For Healthy competition, the presence of PSU is necessary in each Sector to keep the market in control and BSNL has always been there and served the same purpose in the Telecom Sector.
  3. It is confirmed that BSNL will neither be closed nor be privatized.
  4. Rs. 72000 Crores Revival Package is the biggest package ever given to any PSU.
  5. All Unions and Associations need to make VRS a success. However, if VRS doesn’t succeed, the option of reducing retirement age to 58 years is not in Table but is not out of Table also. It is clear Intimation that Reduction of Retirement to 58 years will totally depend on the fulfillment of VRS.
  6. Ministry is in firm mood to reduce the manpower of BSNL to reduce the expenditure for Salary.
  7. Ministry will make efforts that all government departments should use BSNL service and in this regards, U/S office has requested to all Government Departments and simultaneously BSNL has to improve its services prior to that.
  8. BSNL will be the driver of ambitious Digital INDIA Program.
  9. Asset monetization for revenue generation to speed up.
  10. All Unions and Associations must publicize and circulate the information w.r.t. VRS and Revival Package.
  11. Those who don’t have belongingness with BSNL have to leave BSNL.
  12. He requested all the employees to come forward to make this Revival a grand success to make BSNL No. 1 and He is pretty much sure about it as He solely takes all the responsibilities in his arms in the GOM for its
    revival AND It is our responsibility to support his initiative for Revival and to keep his belief for BSNL’s Revival.

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Aiming for a better tomorrow

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Current Situation of BSNL👇

JE , JTO , SDO(SDE), DE(AGM) - Perform or Perish.

And Rest All Neither perform nor Perish cuz Rest all are having PERISH Power and they are not responsible for BSNL losses.

we,junior Engineers,plays very important key role in base level work of BSNL.we face Huge discrimination in BSNL even Hardworking.
Our promotion's vacancies deliberately manipulated.
Our Future will dark in BSNL


What is the fault of JE of those Circle where promotional vacancy is NIL or very less???
Don't ruin our career in name of restructuring......

Any employee joins company with the dream of proper career growth & rightful retirement benefits,but why always BSNL JE's are denied of both career and fianacial benefit ? Why this injustice with us ?
@BSNLCorporate @AshwiniVaishnaw

We urge @PMOIndia @CMDBSNL @arvind9963 @DoT_India @AshwiniVaishnaw to solve the Long pending issue of PUNJAB JTO LICE . JEs of Punjab waiting for their promotion since more than 6 years.

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