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Letter to AUAB, Requesting to mark the protest against the Injustice caused to JE Cadre in terms of the Result published for JTO LICE of VY-2017-18-reg


Citing the above mentioned subject, On behalf of the JE Cadre of BSNL, SNATTA would like to accumulate your voice in terms of your favor against the injustice caused to JE cadre in their career progression during the JTO LICE Exam of VY 2017-18 and thereafter. Even after several times representation in BSNL corporate office through letter and personal intervention with logical explanation categorically mentioning the anomalies and difficulties that being faced by JTO LICE aspirants during the exam of JTO LICE for the VY 2017-18 that is conducted on 26th may 2019 throughout different circles the merit list published is very demoralizing. Much more incongruity and pitfall being faced by the candidates during the entire process of the exam that required a perfect dissection to rationalize the obfuscation of the mentioned issues.

Being a genuine member of AUAB, SNATTA expects full fledge of support from AUAB for the above mentioned case and need your favorable steps on the way to give the justice to JE cadre for their promotions. SNATTA CHQ, in favor of all aspirants, are hereby appealed before the management to provide relaxation of 10% in group A, 15% in group B and 15% in aggregate which at least can bring some sort of parity and fairness and obviously to boost their morale in the current situation of BSNL

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Aiming for a better tomorrow

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Current Situation of BSNL👇

JE , JTO , SDO(SDE), DE(AGM) - Perform or Perish.

And Rest All Neither perform nor Perish cuz Rest all are having PERISH Power and they are not responsible for BSNL losses.

we,junior Engineers,plays very important key role in base level work of BSNL.we face Huge discrimination in BSNL even Hardworking.
Our promotion's vacancies deliberately manipulated.
Our Future will dark in BSNL


What is the fault of JE of those Circle where promotional vacancy is NIL or very less???
Don't ruin our career in name of restructuring......

Any employee joins company with the dream of proper career growth & rightful retirement benefits,but why always BSNL JE's are denied of both career and fianacial benefit ? Why this injustice with us ?
@BSNLCorporate @AshwiniVaishnaw

We urge @PMOIndia @CMDBSNL @arvind9963 @DoT_India @AshwiniVaishnaw to solve the Long pending issue of PUNJAB JTO LICE . JEs of Punjab waiting for their promotion since more than 6 years.

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