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Circle Executive Committee Meeting of SNATTA West Bengal Telecom Circle is called at Telephone Bhawan, Kolkata on 25th January 2020 (Saturday)

An important Circle Executive Committee Meeting of SNATTA WBTC has been called on 25th January. It is intimated to all well before time.Each executive members(Dist. secretary, Dist President, Dist Treasurer of all SSA and all members of Circle body) are requested to attend the meeting at any cost ,manage your office for the day.So that you will be free to attend the meeting. Our General Secretary...

Planning for conduct of LICE

Continuous pursuation results Management to rethink about the career progression of every cadre in BSNL.

Please keep faith in SNATTA. Our Unity will help us to achieve our goal.


Demand for relaxation through Summing up all related injustice faced by JTO LICE aspirants VY-2017-18.

Sri.Suresh Kumar GS/ SNATTA and Sri.Prasun Barua CP,SNATTA CTD are in Delhi to deal with last JTO LICE matter.Today they are intervening DIR HR & GM rect. With all grivence and request management to nulify the wrong done with proper justified relaxation.They also meet with other unions & associations and able to get words of their intervention with same note too. SNATTA CHQ Request all...

Letter to AUAB, Requesting to mark the protest against the Injustice caused to JE Cadre in terms of the Result published for JTO LICE of VY-2017-18-reg

Citing the above mentioned subject, On behalf of the JE Cadre of BSNL, SNATTA would like to accumulate your voice in terms of your favor against the injustice caused to JE cadre in their career progression during the JTO LICE Exam of VY 2017-18 and thereafter. Even after several times representation in BSNL corporate office through letter and personal intervention with logical explanation...

Paying Warm Welcome and Sincere gratitude with an HONOURED appreciation towards the initiative taken by Hon’ble MOC through the NATIONAL BROADBAND MISSION and Expecting the Pivotal and Leading role of BSNL to fructify the dream of our Hon’ble Prime Minister in this regard.

SNATTA is at firm view that our worried appeal on behalf of young Junior Engineers of BSNL, who has more than 25 years of job left, to be considered to ensure BSNL and its employees’ survival in the market and On behalf of entire BSNL family, We heartily thanks to the Telecom Fraternity for building such innovative and strong concept and are living in firm believe that under the leadership...

An appalling result in JTO LICE of VY 2017-18, held on 26.05.2019;supplicate to grant a relaxation-reg

SNATTA CHQ, in favor of all aspirants, are hereby appealed before DIR(HR) to provide relaxation of 10% in group A, 15% in group B and 15% in aggregate in JTO LICE of VY 2017-18 held on 26.05.2019 which at least can bring some sort of parity and fairness and obviously to boost DRJE’s morale in the current situation of BSNL, where these young energies will make the difference. demand-a-grant...

Hankering for alacritous meddling to put the Salaries of BSNL Employees in order, GS writes letter to Hon’ble PM of India

With the Highest Level of gratitude for the initiative and from the standpoint of a believer to Revive the National Strategic Telecom Asset i.e. BSNL, SNATTA like to put forward our inquisitiveness for the normalization of the Salaries for BSNL Employees along with the Contractual and Casual Workers of BSNL, which was impetrated in our previous letter to your high Office. 1577377065792_letter-to...

Expressing deep concern about published JTO LICE(T)Merit list for VY 2017-18 with request to grant relaxation & further re-evaluation.

SNATTA would express our deep concern and grievance about the merit list of JTO LICE (T) for VY 2017-18 as published. Even after several times representation through letter with evidences & personal intervention through logical explanation, categorically mentioning the anomalies and difficulties that being faced by JTO LICE aspiring Candidates during the Exam of JTO LICE for the VY 2017-18 i...

Aiming for a better tomorrow

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4) Immediate settlement of PUNJAB JTO LICE case.
5)Wage Revision (min pay of 37500/-)
6) NE 10 for Junior Engineers

1/2)#SNATTA has organised Black Badge Demonstration and Memorandum Submission Program on 14 March for
1) Immediate conduction of pending JTO LICE with pre VRS vacancies.
2) Time Bound Promotion of JE to JTO.
3) NEPP in 4 years.

🙏 Respected sir please look into the matter. its about the future of DRJE who are most active employees of BSNL on ground level.@ombirlakota @CMDBSNL @DoT_India @Naman_BKN @BsnlUnionMh @BSNL_Agravat @DrjeUpe @BSNL_KL @bsnltn @bsnlbiharlive

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