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SNATTA Delegation meeting with CGM(CTD)


Today a delegation of SNATTA led by GS/SNATTA Sri Suresh Kumar along with Samir Das, Sovik Chatarjee, and Rupesh Kumar Gupta had met with CGM/CTD.

SNATTA have presentated many proposals for Strategic revival path which may be implemented at post VRS scenario. The meeting extended for 3 hrs 20 min. Representation of revival was illustrated into four main categories, which are

3)cost curtailment

Most of the CTD management were present at the meeting including CGM/CTD Shri Dr.Biswajit pal, Sr GM/HR&Admin/ Shri A N Thakur, PGM/NWO/CFA K C.Ghosh, PGM/Sales &marketing S N Banerjee, PGM/Finance S Kujur, DGM/HR L K Baidya, TS to CGM G chakraborty .Many proposal have been taken into active consideration.Some proposals asked to propagate to corporate office for better implementation. For implementing some module They assured to arrange one meeting between ITPC and SNATTA .Apart from this one marketing advertisement idea to be created by SNATTA has been endorsed and acknowledged and asked to complete and submit asap. Over all the approach of the CTD management was cognitive .

We raised our demands for withdrawal of orders where JEs are assigned the role of JTO in JTO look after manner. Management is very much rigid in this issue.We have protested again.

SNATTA have taken the issue of assignment the role of JTO to JEs without any monetary benefits very seriously and corporate office intervention in this matter will be seek soon.


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Aiming for a better tomorrow

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On the occasion of Independence day we urge @narendramodi @rashtrapatibhvn @rsprasad @PMOIndia to start 4G of BSNL&do all the needful to fructify the commitment of govt.Of India for the Revival of BSNL.Our single motto,to achieve the previous glory of BSNL

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