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MINUTES of the Meeting of SNATTA with DIR HR on 13/06/2022


A meeting of SNATTA and BSNL EU was held with Dir (HR) In the presence of Establishment, Admin and SR of BSNL corporate office. Shri Suresh Kumar GS/SNATTA and Shri Himanshu Shekher jha CS/WBTC attended the meeting and Dir HR was requested to solve the issue of JTO LICE that has arisen after the notification. Appreciating the management for JTO to SDE promotion, it was requested to ensure the same procedure for JE to JTO Promotion. That is Vacancy year wise exam with the vacancies of that VY upto 31/01/2020. Dir HR replied that there is no vacancy in the earlier vacancy Year . A special JTO LICE will be conducted in which all the circles will get chance to appear in the exam. Special JTO LICE will be conducted for 50% of DR quota. GS, SNATTA protested and said to conduct JTO LICE in VY wise with pre VRS vacancy. In the matter of promotion, justice was demanded against the different behavior of the management for non executive. The director replied that let the exam to be completed on 07/08/2022, After that we will think ,what can be done next.
Actually this exam is not being held for promotion.Only the formality is being completed that JE to JTO Promotion has also taken place. The director HR is knowing that injustice is happening but he cannot do anything before this exam.
When asked about NEPP. He replied we will discuss about it . Again the meeting ended without any conclusion.Management refused to accept anything regarding our promotion.
It’s very unfortunate for JE fraternity in BSNL that According to the requirement of the company, we are counted as NE 9 and above. And when it comes to our issues ,we are counted as NE 9 and below.
SNATTA is in the against of this Special JTO LICE .

Our demand is to have the exam on PRE VRS vacancy. Our demand is for conducting exam in VY wise according to the verdict of different CAT courts and High Courts.
Our demand is that the JE to JTO promotion should be done with sufficient vacancy in the same manner as JTO to SDE promotion has been given.

Thank you
Suresh kumar

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Aiming for a better tomorrow

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we,junior Engineers,plays very important key role in base level work of BSNL.we face Huge discrimination in BSNL even Hardworking.
Our promotion's vacancies deliberately manipulated.
Our Future will dark in BSNL


What is the fault of JE of those Circle where promotional vacancy is NIL or very less???
Don't ruin our career in name of restructuring......

Any employee joins company with the dream of proper career growth & rightful retirement benefits,but why always BSNL JE's are denied of both career and fianacial benefit ? Why this injustice with us ?
@BSNLCorporate @AshwiniVaishnaw

We urge @PMOIndia @CMDBSNL @arvind9963 @DoT_India @AshwiniVaishnaw to solve the Long pending issue of PUNJAB JTO LICE . JEs of Punjab waiting for their promotion since more than 6 years.

The only way for justice to hold JTO LICE based on the post available on 31st JAN 2020 & hold the exam based on year wise vacancies,we earnestly urge to @CMDBSNL @arvind9963 @AshwiniVaishnaw @DoT_India revisit this issue & resolve it amicably

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