Aiming for a better tomorrow

Minutes of formal meeting of SNATTA-WB delegates with Hon’ble CGM- WBTC ,dated on 22/11/2019.


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It is informed to all members of SNATTA WB that one delegation team led by Mr.Himanshu Shekher Jha/CS- SNATTA WB with other SNATTA members met with Hon’ble CGM/WBTC by facilitating a bookey on 22th November 2019.Mr. Abhishek Rana/Circle Working President- SNATTA WB cum AGS/SNATTA CHQ was also present in this formal meeting.
They raised several development issues like FTTH ,Mobile BTS & it’s signal problem , Pending outstanding amount of electric bills and rent of hired buildings,etc..
He told us that main problems behind this is fund crisis and it will be solved shortly in coming months.He appreciated SNATTA Members for all type of initiatives regarding betterment of services of BSNL, West Bengal.

He also focused on increasing the FTTH connections and no. of LCOs across the West bengal circle.He mentioned that he will support us whenever needed.Also a letter has submitted to Hon’ble CGM by SNATTA WB regarding – Reinstating & strengthening all the services to get better revenue performance of BSNL WBTC.

Lastly our CS/SNATTA WB heartedly thanked to Hon’ble CGM Sir for giving his valuable time in busy schedule for meeting.

After that delegation met with DGM (HR)/WBTC and discussed pending HR issues of our JEs .Actually some JEs have not got letter of confirmation after completing 2 years of probation period of service .He told them to submit pending issues through proper channel to concern office & he ensured to delegation that he will look this issue and also all type of HR related issues.


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Aiming for a better tomorrow

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Request to @CMDBSNL @BSNLCorporate @rsprasad @DoT_India @cgm_assam sir for taking extra initiative to give an affirmative solution in our proposal to stabilize the #BSNL Internet SERVICES in Eastern and North Eastern Zone.
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On the occasion of Independence day we urge @narendramodi @rashtrapatibhvn @rsprasad @PMOIndia to start 4G of BSNL&do all the needful to fructify the commitment of govt.Of India for the Revival of BSNL.Our single motto,to achieve the previous glory of BSNL

Employees of BSNL working Day&night with limited resources for India's Digital Dream.Successfully implemented Proj of Defence,ISRO,BharatNet with utmost security @narendramodi @rsprasad @JPNadda We requeste @PMOIndia to take action against @AnantkumarH

Working hard amid pandemic & during other calamities. In lieu of that, we are called "traitors"We condemn @AnantkumarH, apologise.I request @narendramodi ji to take action against his"Traitors"remarks for BSNL Fraternity @rsprasad @JPNadda @PMOIndia

BSNL serves nation during cyclones and floods.BSNL is Nation's pride not black mark @AnantkumarH apologise for your outbursts,calling BSNL employees traitors.@narendramodi @rsprasad BSNL employees are not traitors,they are loyal to the NATION & BSNL

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