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Message from GS SNATTA to All JEs


An appeal to all JEs of BSNL

After the successful completion of the postcard demonstration, We all junior engineers of BSNL have set an example of unity. And there is so much faith in that unity that we will not allow any injustice to happen to our career progression. It is the need of the hour that all of us Junior Engineers of BSNL have to come in one voice for the settlement of our issues. In the name of restructuring, the future of Junior Engineer is being pushed towards darkness And we will not let that happen. We will intensify our agitation if our demands are not fulfilled in a time bound. Management will have to give assurance to settle all these issues without any delay.

  • *Promotion of all eligible candidates from JE to JTO must be ensured .
  • Under the Non Executive Promotion Policy, the junior engineers of BSNL does not get promotion, he gets punishment. For Junior Engineers of BSNL, there must be time bond promotion in every 4 years by revising NEPP.
  • If we take equal responsibility then we should also get equal respect. JE should be shifted from NE 9 to NE 10 to compensate the pay loss in 2nd PRC .
  • Instead of running the career progression of Junior Engineers in the name of restructuring, there must be a clear roadmap,a clear clarification for the career progression of Junior Engineers in Restructuring.
  • With the Revision of all the perks and allowances, In the 3rd PRC the minimum basic of JEs must be the competitive scale of 37500 as par with other PSUs and Central Government Employees .
    These are our demands and we all have to fight together to fulfill these demands. Come and support all the junior engineers in the fight for our rights.
  • *Make it a grand success by participating in the Black badge demonstration and memorandum submission program on 14th March 2022 called by SNATTA .

Thank you
Suresh kumar

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Aiming for a better tomorrow

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Current Situation of BSNL👇

JE , JTO , SDO(SDE), DE(AGM) - Perform or Perish.

And Rest All Neither perform nor Perish cuz Rest all are having PERISH Power and they are not responsible for BSNL losses.

we,junior Engineers,plays very important key role in base level work of BSNL.we face Huge discrimination in BSNL even Hardworking.
Our promotion's vacancies deliberately manipulated.
Our Future will dark in BSNL


What is the fault of JE of those Circle where promotional vacancy is NIL or very less???
Don't ruin our career in name of restructuring......

Any employee joins company with the dream of proper career growth & rightful retirement benefits,but why always BSNL JE's are denied of both career and fianacial benefit ? Why this injustice with us ?
@BSNLCorporate @AshwiniVaishnaw

We urge @PMOIndia @CMDBSNL @arvind9963 @DoT_India @AshwiniVaishnaw to solve the Long pending issue of PUNJAB JTO LICE . JEs of Punjab waiting for their promotion since more than 6 years.

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