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meeting with gm(Restructuring) held on 31.10.2020


A Teleconference with GM(Restructuring ) BSNL Corporate office was held on 29/10/20 followed after the Conference with GM(Estt) BSNL CO New Delhi , in presence of Mr. Suresh Kumar(GS /SNATTA), Mr. Abhishek Rana(AGS/SNATTA) and Mr. Himanshu  Shekher  Jha (CS/SNATTA-WBTC).

The Main Agenda of this meeting is to clarify the the HR issues of JEs ,which was withheld due to Restructuring Process as Hinted by the GM(Estt) prior to this meet.

The outcome of this Teleconference results the clarification of our Discussion with GM (Estt) , which put us in clear view our Main issues related to JEs.

The outcomes are as Follows:

  1. As per the GM (Estt), JTO LICE will be notified by this Financial Year if the Restructuring process finalized and We discussed this issue with GM(Restructuring)  and asked his opinion as our Promotion is being  delayed due this issue , which is unfortunate, But He replied with a great value of Prospects  and that  is directly related to Restructuring Process as the Vacancy evaluation  and strength of each cadre to be evaluated after VRS is must and then only any Promotion can be done and He also assured that Smooth Promotion Policy is one of their Most important agenda of this Restructuring  Process and We can expect it to be finalized by this December 2020.

2. We discussed and raised our strong protest on the proposal to give responsibility as a SDCA Incharge prior to any Promotion and He listened to us with our clarification for our stand against this proposal  and assured to do the needful  But He also mentioned that this Proposal was made as the Higher Authority wants to give JE cadre some social Value in terms of respect  which We abruptly turned down and made it very clear that SNATTA CHQ will not accept it as a Consolation Prize which is nothing but an empty Drum ,Instead Give our Promotion in Time.


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By Suresh Kumar
Aiming for a better tomorrow

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