Aiming for a better tomorrow

meeting with gm(estt.) held on 29.10.2020


Online meeting with Saurabh Taygi (GM Estt, BSNL Corporate Office)  was held on 29/10/2020 in the presence of Suresh Kumar (General Secretary SNATTA CHQ). Deepak Sharma (Dy. General Secretary SNATTA CHQ), Pratik Akre (Treasurer SNATTA CHQ ), Alok Namdev and Abhisek Rana also participated the meeting from SNATTA CHQ.

1) JTO LICE- SNATTA CHQ discussed range of issues with GM/Estt. including JTO LICE 2018-19, 2019-20 and 2020-21.GM/Estt. assured that all pending JTO LICE exams will be conducted in the current financial year but after restructuring.

2) NEPP– SNATTA CHQ raised the demand of NEPP 1st pay upgradation in 4 years. GM/East. asked for fresh representation regarding that and assured SNATTA that he will raise this issue with management.

3) JTO LICE Punjab court case –  On asking regarding solution for Punjab Situation, GM/Estt. reiterates that court cases are not any solution for the problem. He points out that two new cases are filled in this regards. GM/Esst.  asked SNATTA to take fresh initiative and make all the stakeholders of this case to sit on same table for the settlement Of court cases, management will surely help in this matter.

4) SDCA Incharge- SNATTA raise the issue regarding restructuring and SDCA incharge role for JEs. GM/Esst said as the restructuring of different cadre is  handled by GM (restructuring), he expressed his inability to comment on this issue and urged SNATTA to schedule similar meeting with GM (Restructuring).

5) One increment issue – GS requested for the extension of one additional increment to all DR JE recruited on advertisement of Basic pay 7100-200-10100, He assured to do the needful.

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By Suresh Kumar
Aiming for a better tomorrow

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Request to @CMDBSNL @BSNLCorporate @rsprasad @DoT_India @cgm_assam sir for taking extra initiative to give an affirmative solution in our proposal to stabilize the #BSNL Internet SERVICES in Eastern and North Eastern Zone.
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On the occasion of Independence day we urge @narendramodi @rashtrapatibhvn @rsprasad @PMOIndia to start 4G of BSNL&do all the needful to fructify the commitment of govt.Of India for the Revival of BSNL.Our single motto,to achieve the previous glory of BSNL

Employees of BSNL working Day&night with limited resources for India's Digital Dream.Successfully implemented Proj of Defence,ISRO,BharatNet with utmost security @narendramodi @rsprasad @JPNadda We requeste @PMOIndia to take action against @AnantkumarH

Working hard amid pandemic & during other calamities. In lieu of that, we are called "traitors"We condemn @AnantkumarH, apologise.I request @narendramodi ji to take action against his"Traitors"remarks for BSNL Fraternity @rsprasad @JPNadda @PMOIndia

BSNL serves nation during cyclones and floods.BSNL is Nation's pride not black mark @AnantkumarH apologise for your outbursts,calling BSNL employees traitors.@narendramodi @rsprasad BSNL employees are not traitors,they are loyal to the NATION & BSNL

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