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Immediate instruction to be conveyed for the Payment of EMI dues of BANK Loan of Employees as deducted from their Salary


GS has written to Shri P.K. Purwar regarding payment of EMI dues of bank loan of employees as deducted from salary and to make it up to date by the end of the August 2020 to avoid the disruption of CIBIL score of the employee. EMI is the portion of the Salary which is being paid to the BANK to repay its Monthly Outstanding dues via BSNL’s structuring process in terms of the condition of MOU with the said Bank. But It was notably found that the legitimate amount for the EMI hasn’t been paid ,which results an additional interest amount is being generated and was asked by Particular BANK to employees to pay it in addition to the EMI else it will be affect in their CIBIL Score.

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By Suresh Kumar
Aiming for a better tomorrow

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Request to @CMDBSNL @BSNLCorporate @rsprasad @DoT_India @cgm_assam sir for taking extra initiative to give an affirmative solution in our proposal to stabilize the #BSNL Internet SERVICES in Eastern and North Eastern Zone.
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On the occasion of Independence day we urge @narendramodi @rashtrapatibhvn @rsprasad @PMOIndia to start 4G of BSNL&do all the needful to fructify the commitment of govt.Of India for the Revival of BSNL.Our single motto,to achieve the previous glory of BSNL

Employees of BSNL working Day&night with limited resources for India's Digital Dream.Successfully implemented Proj of Defence,ISRO,BharatNet with utmost security @narendramodi @rsprasad @JPNadda We requeste @PMOIndia to take action against @AnantkumarH

Working hard amid pandemic & during other calamities. In lieu of that, we are called "traitors"We condemn @AnantkumarH, apologise.I request @narendramodi ji to take action against his"Traitors"remarks for BSNL Fraternity @rsprasad @JPNadda @PMOIndia

BSNL serves nation during cyclones and floods.BSNL is Nation's pride not black mark @AnantkumarH apologise for your outbursts,calling BSNL employees traitors.@narendramodi @rsprasad BSNL employees are not traitors,they are loyal to the NATION & BSNL

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