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gs writes to cmd to INTERVENE for the arrangement of Safety and Precautions in vew of covid 19 for field staffs


GS/SNATTA writes to CMD SHRI P.K. PURWAR JI for Seeking Immediate Intervention for the arrangement of Hand Wash and Hand Sanitizer in Every BSNL Offices and Mask for Field Staffs.

As GOI has declared Telecom as an essential Service and an Instruction released (Letter No-1-02/20202PAT (BSNL) Dtd on 23/03/2020) to all CGMs in this regards and Employees are dedicated themselves to keep hassle free Telecom Services in Hospitals, Police Stations, District administrations, Banks and other Utility Services throughout the country as per Para 1(a, b, c) and 8(d) in the Ref. Letter.
We are deeply disheartened to learn that Despite of being instructed in Para (2) in Ref. Letter and the guidelines of WHO and GOI, Safety and Precautions are not properly considered by the Circle and SSA Administrations in Maximum Cases and can lead the employees and their families in suicidal situation during the pandemic Situation, that will result in adverse condition for the Department as well as for the Country

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Aiming for a better tomorrow

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Priority should be given to #BSNL to establish our Hon'bl @narendramodi sir's vision to #AtmaNirbharBharatAbhiyaan by making #AtmanirbharBSNL by popularizing #VocalforLocalbrand_BSNL
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Earnest appeal to the Management, @CMDBSNL sir and @DoT_India to treat your loyal Frontline fighter with proper care of their health in this emergency situation to tackle any kind casualties and to safeguard their FAMILY Prospective.

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