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Discussion held with gm(restructuring) REGARDING restructuring process


Today GS Suresh Kumar had a serious discussion with GM Restg Mr.Manish Kumar regarding the Restructuring Process, which is suppose to be completed, and it is already intimated to us that no promotion is possible till the Restructuring process is completed.
Throughout the Discussion, GM Restg has given some positive inputs that
1.He had already finalised the final presentation for completion of Restructuring process.
2.It was supposed to be completed but postponed due to Covid-19 Situation.
3.As situation is improved, and the final presentation for Restructuring is supposed to be presented in front of the Board of Directors by this month.
So we can Expect the JTO lice and other promotional exam only after this presentation.
It should be known to all that why Promotional process is dependent on Restructuring process just because after the VRS Vacancy status is to be revised according to present conditions of Department as per rule.
Employee strength will be revised and the further the vacancy for the succeeding cadre will also be revised accordingly.
Expecting to complete Restructuring process by this, which will automatically initiate the further proceedings for Promotional exams like LICE…

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Aiming for a better tomorrow

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4) Immediate settlement of PUNJAB JTO LICE case.
5)Wage Revision (min pay of 37500/-)
6) NE 10 for Junior Engineers

1/2)#SNATTA has organised Black Badge Demonstration and Memorandum Submission Program on 14 March for
1) Immediate conduction of pending JTO LICE with pre VRS vacancies.
2) Time Bound Promotion of JE to JTO.
3) NEPP in 4 years.

🙏 Respected sir please look into the matter. its about the future of DRJE who are most active employees of BSNL on ground level.@ombirlakota @CMDBSNL @DoT_India @Naman_BKN @BsnlUnionMh @BSNL_Agravat @DrjeUpe @BSNL_KL @bsnltn @bsnlbiharlive

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