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CIRCLE Executive Committee meeting of snatta wbtc held on 25/01/2020 at Recreation Club Room,3rd Floor, Telephone Bhawan


SNATTA WB Executive Committee Meeting has been successfully conducted at Recreation Club Room,3rd Floor, Telephone Bhawan, Kolkata on 25th January 2020(Saturday).Meeting
started with the speech of Mr.Priya Ranjan kr/ VP/SNATTA WB.He addressed the executive
members & representatives of all SSA present in the meeting. He focused on JTO LICE and other agendas .Mr.Vikash Kr. Jaiswal/ACS-SNATTA WB, Mr.Jay Prakash Narayan /Central
Coordinator-SNATTA WB also addressed the house.Very good presentations were made by circle executive members and representatives of other SSAs . Mr. Suresh Kumar/GS-SNATTA has attended the meeting as a Chief Guest and he got warm
welcome by Himanshu Shekher Jha/CS-SNATTA WB with bookey, calendar and diary.
General Secretary addressed the meeting, he elaborately discussed the agendas of the
meeting. He focused on JTO LICE Result issues and assured about next JTO LICE Notification
will come within March’2020.He also described about NEPP issue, post VRS scenario and other burning issues of JEs. He appreciated the activities of SNATTA WB.
Mr.Himanshu ShekherJha/CS- SNATTA WB fully described in all topics of agendas with full of enthusiasm. He focused on JTO LICE , role of JEs in post VRS scenario, Fund Collection,
preparation of agendas for the development in front of circle management. He also shared the achievement of SNATTA WB.
Two(2) no. of post of circle body were vacant due to transfer of JE and other administrative
reason. Mr. Gauri Shankar Prasad/Circle Treasurer-SNATTA WB has been transferred from
WBTC and the resignation of Mr. Gauri Shankar Prasad is accepted in this meeting. Hence,
two(2) name has been proposed by the house and finally elected unanimously, Mrs.Madhuparna Roy as a Circle Treasurer and Mr.Ashutosh Kumar as a Asst.Circle Treasurer. Mrs.Madhuparna Roy explained about fund collection & expenditure upto 31st March’2019 and till date in brief. She mentioned the importance of fund for running our association in proper and accelerated way.
The meeting was concluded after a vote of thanks by Mr.Priya Ranjan Kumar/Circle Vice

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By Suresh Kumar
Aiming for a better tomorrow

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