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Measure to be taken for safety of BSNL employee and Demand for Insurance cover in Covid- 19 pandemic.

Shri SURESH KUMAR, GS/SNATTA writes to P K PURWAR CMD/BSNL for the necessary safety arrangement for the employees of BSNL in COVID-19 pandemic.Amid lockdown, the work environment as well as safety is at endangered throughout the India created a loathsome panorama.Employees of BSNL are working their heart out to ensure continuous service in the lockdown. BSNL employees are nothing less than corona...

AUAB writes to Shri Narendra Modi Ji, Hon’ble Prime Minister, Govt. of india regarding attempts to scuttle BSNL’s 4G equipment procurement, which is the lifeline for BSNL

First and foremost requirement for BSNL’s revival is 4G roll out and BSNL cannot afford any more delay. AUAB has written a letter to Shri Narendra Modi Ji , Hon’ble Prime Minister , Govt. of India and requesting the Government’s intervention to clear the roadblocks involved in the 4G Tendering process for BSNL.


gs writes to dir(hr) regarding Rumours unfurling about the employees (Preferably JEs and JTOs) to work on Deputation under DoT for assisting ICMR for Covid-19

GS/SNATTA writes to DIR(HR), Shri. Arvind Vadnerkar Ji for the Prompt Intervention required to shed light on the Rumours unfurling about the employees (Preferably JEs and JTOs) to work on Deputation under DoT for assisting ICMR for Covid-19.The Rumours are beings laid out for involving our departmental staffs(Preferably JEs and JTOs ) to work under DoT on deputation to serve to assist ICMR...

gs writes to cmd to INTERVENE for the arrangement of Safety and Precautions in vew of covid 19 for field staffs

GS/SNATTA writes to CMD SHRI P.K. PURWAR JI for Seeking Immediate Intervention for the arrangement of Hand Wash and Hand Sanitizer in Every BSNL Offices and Mask for Field Staffs. As GOI has declared Telecom as an essential Service and an Instruction released (Letter No-1-02/20202PAT (BSNL) Dtd on 23/03/2020) to all CGMs in this regards and Employees are dedicated themselves to keep hassle free...

Aiming for a better tomorrow

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Priority should be given to #BSNL to establish our Hon'bl @narendramodi sir's vision to #AtmaNirbharBharatAbhiyaan by making #AtmanirbharBSNL by popularizing #VocalforLocalbrand_BSNL
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Earnest appeal to the Management, @CMDBSNL sir and @DoT_India to treat your loyal Frontline fighter with proper care of their health in this emergency situation to tackle any kind casualties and to safeguard their FAMILY Prospective.

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